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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement

Executive Summary


Ladera Vista Jr. High School of the Arts

Principal: William Lynch

School Site Council Approval Date: October 27, 2021

State Program Funds:

LCFF Supplemental




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Program Funds:

Title I

Economically Disadvantaged


Estimated Funds:

$ 211,776

$ 152,610

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School Mission/Vision

Ladera Vista Junior High School of the Arts Mission:

"Chart Your Course! Explore! Learn! Achieve!"

Ladera Vista's Vision:

Ladera Vista Junior High School of the Arts is a center for innovation and creativity. We provide students with meaningful, relevant, and rigorous learning opportunities. Through our infusion of the visual and performing arts, we strive to support students in making meaningful connections in their learning. As a school community, we exhibit a passion and enthusiasm for exploration, learning, and achievement, and we celebrate and encourage each student's successes. We take pride in creating a warm and welcoming school community, where students know they are safe and are expected to meet their greatest potential.  

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • The percentage of students in grades 7-8 scoring in grade level or above on the Diagnostic 2 for i-Ready will increase by a minimum of 10% from the Diagnostic 1 results. All staff at Ladera Vista will strive to ensure the success of all learners. 
  • The percentage of students in grades 7-8 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not meeting State Standards") on the 2021-22 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) CAASPP assessment will decrease by a minimum of 10% from the 2018-19 ELA and Mathematics results.

  • Teachers will implement State Adopted Common Core Curriculum Standards. Each Departmental PLC Team will collaborate to review standards and curriculum, clarify when needed, and make sure all content within the curriculum are being taught and that 100% of students demonstrate mastery on identified Guaranteed and Visible Standards.
  • "First Best Teach" will be ensured utilizing Marzano Strategies.
  • All departments will actively participate in curriculum planning days to ensure that the curriculum pacing is being implemented with fidelity and that teachers are collaborating on appropriate utilization of curricular materials to support student needs based on multiple measures of assessment. 
  • Common Assessments will be generated and reviewed to drive instruction.
  • Push-in RSP/SDC ELA classes are offered to assist students in meeting IEP goals in ELA.
  • Intensive small group Intervention Classes are offered during the school day. Our tutorial Interventions Program offers targeted support in a small group setting.
  • After school support is available through our ACES program.
  • Supplemental instruction will also be offered through the RTI Process.
  • A number of the staff have been AVID trained over summers, and we offer an AVID Elective.
  • Teachers will be given extra time to plan and coordinate the Common Core Standards-based curriculum, discuss/share effective instructional strategies, and review student work.
  • Weekly departmental meetings are held to review assessments and coordinate instruction within a robust Professional Learning Community setting.

Goal 2: Digital and Informational literacy

  • All Ladera Vista Students and Staff will have access to and demonstrate mastery of 21st Century learning tools, resources, and skills in support of relevant and rigorous learning experiences.

  • Focus on 21st-century skills, content knowledge, and expertise
  • Engage students with the real-world data, tools, and experts they will encounter in college, on the job, and in life; students learn best when actively engaged in solving meaningful problems
  • Provide equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies, and resources
  • Cultivate teachers' ability to identify students' particular learning styles, intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Support innovative learning methods that integrate the use of supportive technologies, inquiry- and problem-based approaches, and higher-order thinking skills

Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment

  • Ladera Vista will provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment for all members of our school community.

  • Create a school environment where students and staff are likely to feel safe and comfortable at school.
  • Pilot program staffing a Student Success Mentor to support SEL, PBIS, and Restorative Justice lessons and practices.
  • Support excellence in attendance and participation in all school activities.
  • Provide all resources required for a positive classroom environment.
  • Implement Social-Emotional Learning through the Second Step curriculum program.
  • Support school-wide activities such as assemblies, concerts, classroom competitions, and celebrations.
  • Infuse the Visual and Performing Arts across all content areas. Support exemplary practices as a School of the Arts. 
  • Buildings will be clean, orderly, well maintained, free of clutter, and well lit.
  • Excellence in customer service is emphasized.
  • Emphasize the importance of positive physical, nutritional, mental, and emotional health for students and adults.
  • Support individual and collective efficacy to support the social-emotional health of staff to meet the needs of students.
  • Regular drills will be held to support emergency preparedness.
  • A detailed emergency plan is in place and all staff members understand their roles in the event of a serious emergency.
  • Emergency Supplies are kept on-site and updated on an annual basis.
  • Teachers/staff trained in active shooter training
  • A School Safety Monitor is staffed to support students in need and ensure school safety.

Goal 4: Parent and Community Involvement

  • Ladera Vista will support excellent communication among all members of our school community and within our District and city and geographic area at large to support school activities, support parent advocacy, and support for students in their home environments.

  • School Activities
    • We conduct a variety of parent information nights, concerts, and community events. We hold a Back to School event in the Fall and an Open House in the Spring. Our PTSA, ELAC, SSC, and GATE organizations are an integral part of our campus, fostering parent involvement and input.
    • School Administration and Classroom Teachers will establish positive communication before the start of the school year.
    • The school will communicate via phone, e-mail, and newsletter to inform all families of current events, celebrate success, and support academic excellence.
    • Personal phone calls and face-to-face meetings will ensure that important information is conveyed directly.
    • A Social Service Assistant (SSA) has been added to support families in need.
  • Advisory and Advocacy Roles
  • Parents will be informed and have a voice in matters of advocacy for students and families.
  • Our Parent Advisory Groups are a key component of our school program, and our families are active in a variety of school organizations: PTSA. ELAC, and SSC. In addition, we offer Parent Information Nights with guest speakers on pertinent topics for our Jr. High Parents. Our close partnership with the Fullerton Police Department and other community organizations ensures that parents are empowered with knowledge and skills to support their children.

  • Activities to Support Learning at Home
  • At Ladera Vista, we foster and maintain positive parent and community partnerships. We utilize teacher websites and student agendas to communicate daily objectives to parents. Grades are available daily via Power School. We utilize BlackBoard Connect to communicate important information to our parents weekly through phone calls and e-mails and our teachers utilize BlackBoard Connect to send messages to parents as well.
  • We maintain an interactive website that includes a calendar of school events, parent opportunities.