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Art Pathways Program

Pathways Programs

Ladera Vista School of the Arts offers students the opportunity to explore the arts through our many elective classes. Students interested in concentrating their studies in a specific area of the arts have the opportunity to select an Arts-based Pathway. In order to qualify for Pathway Honors, a student must complete at least four of their eight elective choices in a specific arts discipline, achieving a grade of B or higher in each class. An Arts Explorer Pathway is also offered, in which students explore a variety of eight Arts-based Electives during the course of their two years at Ladera Vista.

Arts Pathway Programs

Arts Explorer: Students may take Visual Arts, Culinary, Music, Theatre, Dance or Digital Arts

Artisan Crafts: Students may take Arts & Crafts, Ceramics I & II or Mosaic Glass I & II

Choral Arts: Students take Choir I & II and Ladera Vista Productions (LVP)

Dance: Students take Dance I & II and Ladera Vista Productions (LVP)

Digital Arts: Students may take Digital Design, Technology I & II, Animation, Publications or Yearbook

Fine Arts: Students may take Art I & II, Commercial Art, and Arts and Crafts

Instrumental Arts: Guitar, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band or Jazz Band.

Theatre Arts: Theatre I & II, Publications or Ladera Vista Productions (LVP)

Triple Threat Program

All Ladera Vista Students have the opportunity to participate in our Triple Threat Program. To qualify for this program, students take Dance as their Physical Education Class, and also enroll in Choir and Theatre and/or Ladera Vista Productions.

8th Grade Arts Master Award

Students who complete 12 Arts-Based Classes during their two years at Ladera Vista will be awarded the coveted Arts Master Award. Classes may be taken in any of the disciplines in our Pathways Program, with a grade of B or higher in each class.